Shaolin Kung fu

Shaolin Kung fu

The term Shaolin Kung Fu means Chinese styles of Martial Arts (also called Wushu), which relate to a Chinese Shaolin monastery in a not clearly defined way. Shaolin Kung Fu is a Martial Art that deals with physically strenuous motion sequences and is taught in various styles and schools in the whole world. The founder of Shaolin Kung Fu is the Indian monk Bodhidharma who according to legend settled 523 A.D. in the province Henan after a long journey through the Chinese area. The Shaolin monastery is also located in the province Henan.

Unlike e.g. Kick Boxing Shaolin Kung Fu should not be confused with the combat sport because Shaolin Kung Fu also deals with techniques that have the goal to seriously hurt or kill the opponent. This is the reason why in Shaolin Kung Fu there are no competitions or sparring. Because Shaolin Kung Fu does not prioritize Self-Defense, but the mental training in movement, some of the practices are not suitable for fighting. These practices have the priority of strengthening body and mind.

Besides fighting with one’s body Shaolin Kung Fu is also exercised with sticks and spears.

Students of Shaolin Kung Fu do not have the possibility to demonstrate their rank by graduations like dans or varicolored belts – like it is habit in various other Martial Arts. This has the reason that students of Shaolin Kung Fu do not have the goal to reach for higher grades, but to learn new abilities or improve them continuously.

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